Wednesday, July 23, 2014


AMO Management Replaces Fire Damaged Property with a Brand New Building

In March of 2013, an apartment building in Oakland suffered a fire forcing two dozen residents to find housing elsewhere.  Less than a year and a half later the property will not only be ready for rental again, but will also boast upscale upgrades in every unit.  Among those upgrades will be state-of-the-art keyless entry systems, 46-inch flat screen televisions, video intercom system, a fully monitored security system with cameras, not to mention brand new appliances throughout.

Floor plan for each apartment
AMO Management has chosen to use modular units for the project meaning that the individual apartments are built in an offsite warehouse and set on the foundation over the course of only a few days. The modular construction approach utilizes “green” building principles such as a highly efficient building process and leaving less waste.  The building materials and unique construction also make the units energy efficient, which will drastically decrease tenants’ electric bills.

Preparing the foundation for Module placement
On Monday, July 28, 2014 a crane will set the individual module units onto the new foundation on Zulema Street.  What is just an empty lot today will be a brand new building by the end of next week. AMO Management has experience with this type of construction project after building 67 modular units at California University in 2010. Those apartments have experienced almost no maintenance issues since. 

For additional information please email and visit the website at  Also feel free to call 412-38-LEASE.

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  1. Are you seeking Energy Star or LEED certification for the project? Are you able to expand on the "green" aspects regarding materials, construction waste, or how energy efficiency practices will be actually be utilized? We'd love to hear more! Thanks