Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Operation "Mod Drop"

The newest and nicest building in Oakland has generated quite a bit of buzz throughout the 'Burgh and it has been a blast for everyone to observe. 

Up and over
Day 1 began with a small amount of anxiety due to the wind and rain. A small crowd had gathered to watch including spaced out students not used to being up before 10am. The first unit landed softly to the delight and applause of the onlookers. 

"I've never seen anything like this before." remarked Lindsay who resides in Robinson and graduated from WVU. "I always thought that building was from the ground up, not the opposite of that."

A third unit is delicately placed into position

Because of the weather, the construction crew thought it best to only drop down a third of the building and spread the process out over a three day period. Better safe than sorry certainly is the way to go. Putting together a puzzle of this magnitude is in no way child's play.

This could be your kitchen and bedroom
Day 2 went much smoother and appeared as though the crane operators had found their groove. 

In between modular drops, AMO Management representatives gave personal tours of the individual set units. 

Even the owners were wide eyed with the results.
A second floor apartment awaits its other half

A former Pitt student was shocked to show up after work and find an empty lot had become a building. "It's awesome to see how these apartments have been organized. My apartment was so disgusting. Students are going to be begging to live here once they see this!" 

That has been the experience so far. Many students have already found housing for the upcoming year but these apartments are generating interest with young professionals looking to live close to the city. Only a few places are still available. 

Contact 412-38-LEASE to take a tour. 

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